Artificial Insemination of Senduro goat as Genetic Preservation and dissemination of varian processed milk Goat products at Lumajang District

Pratiwi Trisunuwati


The objective of this study was to disseminate the technology of Artificial Insemiation (AI) and managenet of Milk Processing. This activity expected to help the Ettawa goat farmer to over coming their problems which sub sequentlyit can be improve their income.The method susedin this study was to give in sight knowledge and simple technology to the selected Ettawa goat partner group.

The result of these activities were achieved the result of loco  goat artificial insemination about  77%  Conception rate,  so that farmers will accept this technology. In other ways showed  the Ettawa goat farmer as partner group  receive the strengthening  of their business wether kid product and milk procesing product.

Hopefully  farmers will  adopted  the technique of selecting superior sires, livestock  management,and  milk processing technology production plant.


Senduro, milk processing technology, conception rate


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